Rules and Regulations for Salon

Uploading Images Details:

The files must be uploaded to the PPOC website at www.ppoc.ca. Submission Instructions are on the website. The Terms & Conditions Agreement form must be completed on-line and payment submitted.


TEXT OR ANY OTHER ITEM THAT COULD IDENTIFY THE MAKER is NOT permitted on the image. It is important that your images be listed in the correct Category (Commercial/General/Portrait/Wedding) and Class (Architecture, Fine Art, Portrait, etc.) with their given titles. The class listings will be in pull-down menus when you go online at www.ppoc.ca to upload your entries. (“Untitled” or “No Title” are not acceptable).

Digital files will be viewed on an iMac 5k , calibrated with an X-Rite Eye-One Display Pro. The white point is set to 6500K, 120 cd/m2 luminance and the gamma is set at 2.2. All images are viewed at 100%.

Competitors are warned that the Judges or Image Competition Committee will not attempt to redirect an image that is obviously in the wrong category or class, and may be judged as unacceptable. Ensure you have read the category/class descriptions.

If you have difficulty getting to the payment page after submitting your images, please call head office to confirm your payment went through 1-888-643-7762

The category/class guidelines do not mention image quality. It is assumed that all competitors will realize that the technical quality of the images and their presentation are important factors on which the judges determine their scores.

NOTE: The decision of the judges shall be final. The Jury Chair shall have the absolute and final authority to decide on any question not specifically covered by these rules. All entries will be handled with professional care, but the Image Competition Committee and/or PPOC-ON assumes no responsibility for entries while in its custody, or on exhibition.

SPECS AND SIZES: **Note current standard sizes**

ALL files should be in JPEG format with high-quality compression –NOT EXCEEDING 6MB IN SIZE PER IMAGE - and in RGB colour mode, submitted on-line. Use an Adobe RGB (1998) or ProPhoto RGB profile. The file name for each image must include the member ID (without a dash) followed by a dash, then the image number, then an underscore, and then the Title of the image plus the file extension. Ontario Member IDs begin with a Upper Case Letter “O”.

For Example:

O254-1_Surrealism.jpg when the title is “Surrealism” and is the maker’s first image. If the second image title is “Black Friday”, then this maker’s file name would be: O254-2_Black Friday.jpg Please follow these guidelines for the subsequent images. Your member ID is available on the PPOC website.

File sizes should be no more than 5120 x 2880 pixels Landscape or 2880 x 5120 pixels Portrait Orientation. All images will be viewed at 100% so it is suggested to size images to fit a 5120 x 2880 pixel “canvas”. For example, a square image cannot be bigger than 2880 x 2880 pixels but could be on a canvas that is 5120 x 2880 pixels. Consider the extra canvas area as your “matte” which can have its own colour and treatment just like a conventional 16 x 20 matte board with a smaller print mounted on it.


NOTE: For judging, the monitor will be rotated according to the orientation of the image, i.e. portrait mode for vertical images and landscape mode for horizontal images. You are responsible for making sure your images are saved in the proper file format, file size, and colour profile. The use of sRGB is not recommended as it may degrade the quality of your presentation - use Adobe RGB (1998) or ProPhoto RGB profile for best results.

IMAGES THAT ARE TOO BIG OR SAVED IN THE WRONG FORMAT WILL BE REJECTED AND NOT JUDGED, NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Final file size (weight) cannot exceed 6MB per image. Only JPEG images are accepted. If necessary, consider reducing the “Quality Compression” setting slightly to get below the 6MB limit.

Do not include commas (,), apostrophes (‘), exclamation marks (!), an ellipsis (...), ampersand (&), or any other punctuation in the file name. You can use punctuation in your Image Title, just not the File Name.


Wedding and Feature albums are now submitted in digital form. Each double page spread in the album should be a horizontal JPEG file, 5120 x 2880 pixels in dimension. Two pages of the album will be on each JPEG file. The pages can be vertical or horizontal but the JPEG file must be horizontal for proper viewing on an iMac 5k. The judges will be viewing two album pages at a time, the same way as a conventional album.

Each file should be named with two digits in the order of presentation in the album, i.e. 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg, etc.

There is a limit of 36 files. Use Adobe RGB (1998) or ProPhoto RGB profile. Submit all images on the www.ppoc.ca website.

If you are not sure, or have questions, use your fellow members for advice. They are one of the best sources for help in PPOC.

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