Becoming a Better Photographer

2018 Accreditation Dates

  • January 8 2018 Pre-Accreditation deadline
    January 22 2018 Accreditation submission deadline (5 pm EST)
    February 17 2018 - Accreditation Judging (TBA)

  • March 5 2018 Pre-Accreditation deadline
    March 27 2018 Accreditation submission deadline (5 pm EDT)
    May 5 2018 Accreditation Judging (Richmond BC)

  • June 5 2018 Pre-Accreditation deadline
    June 22 2018 Accreditation Submission deadline (5 pm EDT)
    July 14 2018 Accreditation judging (Edmonton, AB)

  • September 10 2018 Pre-Accreditation deadline
    October 1 2018 Accreditation Submission Deadline (5 pm EDT)
    October 27 2018 Accreditation Judging (TBA)

Accreditation General Information

This information is copied from the PPOC website for your convenience.

Accreditation is the degree of elevation above the general membership level, and is achieved by submitting samples of the applicant's photography in a chosen category. Accreditation demonstrates that the photographer has proven professional ability to the Board of Examiners of the Professional Photographers of Canada. In assessing Accreditation submissions, the judges will consider the following criteria:

Impact, Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Colour Balance, Centre of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Technique and Story Telling.

Earning an accreditation is one of the requirements for eligibility for a Craftsman of Photographic Arts or Masters of Photographic Arts designation. A minimum of one Accreditation is required to be considered to qualify for a Craftsman Award and two accreditations for a Masters Award. While copyright© remains with the creator, PPOC reserves the right to copy and publish, for educational or promotional purposes, the individual members entry.

SUBMISSIONS NOTE: All submissions MUST be made using the online entry form via the PPOC Web site members' only page.

Submissions for Accreditation:

A submission for Accreditation consists of TEN (10) JPEG images submitted to the PPOC server via the uploader on the PPOC website.. Complete entries only will be accepted.

Digital Image Size - NOTE - SPECS HAVE CHANGED effective March 1, 2016

Digital image files should be sized to 5120 x 2880, saved to maximum quality JPEG, with an Adobe RGB1998, sRGB or Pro Photo RGB profile. The files submitted should be horizontal only. Place your images, including vertical, horizontal and square, on a horizontal mat of 5120 x 2880 pixels. Choose a suitable background of your choice and appropriate placement on the mat. Files that are not in horizontal format and 5120 x 2880 pixels will NOT be judged. We do not rotate the monitor for Accreditation judging.

Images that have been accepted in one category may not be re-entered in a different category. Images from previously accepted shooting sessions may not be submitted in a new submission. No name or title of any kind with reference to the maker is permitted on any portion of the actual image. Images that were exposed at a seminar or under the guidance of an instructor are not eligible. The decision of the judges shall be final. The Accreditation Chair shall have the sole authority to decide on any questions not specifically covered by these rules.


The new files should be submitted on-line along with payment. Number the replacement files, with the same number as previously used on the rejected image but with the new month and year of the current submission deadline. Previously accepted images do not need to be resubmitted.

Naming the files:

Images are required to be titled as follows:

ppocid#_first name_last name_category#_imagenumber_month_year.jpg (O254_brian_lee_12_001_10_13.jpg).

Your PPOC ID # is published on your member profile page (top right button on the site when logged in).

  • Please note: do not include the dash in the PPOC ID #.
  • If your PPOC ID is O-254, then you would use O254 for the filename prefix.
  • Ontario members use the letter O, not a zero in their member ID.
    EXAMPLE: O254_brian_lee_12_001_10_13.jpg for the October 2013 deadline.
  • For the month and year please use the current deadline, i.e. October 2013 = 10_13.
  • Use underscores, NOT DASHES. Use lower case characters.

    If Brian Lee were entering Accreditation In October 2015 for category 12 (Children and Infant Portrait) then his files would look like this:
  • O254_brian_lee_12_001_10_15.jpg
  • O254_brian_lee_12_002_10_15.jpg
  • O254_brian_lee_12_003_10_15.jpg
  • O254_brian_lee_12_004_10_15.jpg
  • O254_brian_lee_12_005_10_15.jpg
  • O254_brian_lee_12_006_10_15.jpg
  • O254_brian_lee_12_007_10_15.jpg
  • O254_brian_lee_12_008_10_15.jpg
  • O254_brian_lee_12_009_10_15.jpg
  • O254_brian_lee_12_010_10_15.jpg



A schedule of fees is listed on the PPOC website where you submit images.

Tips for Submitting

All ten (10) images must be accepted to gain Accreditation in a specific category. Be very critical and submit your best work, as you would to a prospective customer. In the past, the judges have rejected submissions for the following reasons:

  • images that are faded, too light, un-retouched, muddy looking, not sharp, etc.
  • B/W images of poor contrast.
  • posed photos made with one flash on camera.
  • portraits with black eyes (no highlights).
  • Images not properly dodged or burned in.
  • Images / files displaying any of the above and poor colour and/or technical control.
  • LATE submissions - noooo!!

Categories and Descriptions
(Dozens to choose from)

The following list of categories and accompanying descriptions may be used as a guide in selecting your images for submission. Unless otherwise stated, within any category, entrants are expected to submit ten (10) images of ten (10) different scenes, ten (10) different subjects and from ten (10) different photo sessions. The entrant must be able to prove to the judges, through a good variety and cross section of subject matter, the photographer's expertise in a chosen field.